Connect With Your Sexual Energy and Unlock Your Unique Power

QUEEN, how long have you longed to be FREE, to express yourself authentically, and own your sexuality without shame? So many women are taught from a young age that their sexuality is something to hide, fear, and be ashamed of.


Your sexual energy is your unique source of POWER. Not to control or manipulate, but to express your truest, fullest self and positively impact this world in a way that only YOU can.

When you access this power, your creativity, passion, and confidence are fueled, and every single area of your life can be transformed.

When you're disconnected from this power source, you feel unmotivated, unenergized, and frustrated, like something important is missing in your life. You may find yourself trying to fill this void, but no amount of cute new clothes, makeup, lashes, nails, wine, or food can give you the feeling of being deliciously aligned with your own power.

The amazing thing is, this power is accessible to you. And once you get a taste of it, you'll never want to be disconnected from it. 

And when you feel sexy AF in your own skin, whole and complete in yourself...any extra fun things you do to accentuate your femininity will just be icing on the cake


Just thinking about connecting with this incredible power source is probably both exciting and scary. I get it; oof, believe me, I get it! 

As someone who grew up extremely conflicted about her sexuality, afraid and ashamed of her sexual energy and desires...afraid of being too much, afraid of being judged, afraid of being a bad girl, afraid of making others stumble (even when wearing a turtle neck sweater!)...I'll tell you, unleashing is an intentional process that requires your full commitment, for life. For years now, I've done deep work in my own self-love and sexuality, steadily getting out of my comfort zone, exploring and challenging my limits.

Let's face it, the uncertainty of change is scary. Especially if you try to do it alone.

BUT you being here tells me that your excitement of connecting with your divine feminine outweighs the fear of change. 

You're already ten steps ahead of most women who say they want this freedom and power, but do little to nothing about it. That's exciting to me, because nothing lights me up like being myself unapologetically, following my inspiration (like creating this experience), and in doing so, helping other women free themselves.

That's what this powerful 7-day experience is about.

Providing you with the TOOLS and  SUPPORT to begin awakening your inner Savage Goddess.


If so, apply below. I look forward to beginning this journey with you!

How Does It Work?


Daily Video Lessons

Daily Video Lessons

Daily Video Lessons

Within a private Facebook community dedicated specifically for this 7-day group, I'll share a live video each morning with that day's concepts. If you miss it live, don't worry, the replays will stay up!


Daily Action Steps

Daily Video Lessons

Daily Video Lessons

Each day, you'll receive your daily Savage Steps. These exercises will help you awaken and unleash your power, and make your week experience exponentially more powerful.


Group Support

Daily Video Lessons

Group Support

In our private community, Queens can share about their experiences throughout the week through writing, photos, and videos. By sharing and staying engaged, Queens get even more from the experience and help empower each other to be courageous and own their power.

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