Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

As you already know, music has a unique kind of magic. Within just a few seconds of listening to a song, memories come flooding back. Emotions arise. Clear visuals come to mind.

Music has the power to shift our emotional state like nothing else.

Imagine having a song for your special day that was written just for you. A song that memorializes this big milestone in your life. A song that  you can listen to for years and years to come, and always be reminded of how special this time was for you and your loved one(s).

And throughout those years, imagine turning on your song and feeling all the feels you felt on the big day...Not an Ed Sheerhan or Jason Mraz standard pop love song, but a uniquely passionate, vibey, exciting song created for YOU. 

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If you like these artists...


The Weeknd


Christina Aguilera



Then you'll like the kind of songs I write!

Sexy, vibey, and unique, add that special touch with a song that really makes a statement. Listen below for some samples of my work.

How It Works


Submit Your Application

Choose Your Instrumental

Choose Your Instrumental

It all begins here, on this page. You submit your application below, and I contact you within 48 hours to set up a conversation, where we discuss what you envision for this song: mood, story, emotions, and general vibe of your song. If my writing styles are a match for your special day, payment is then submitted securely online through PayPal.


Choose Your Instrumental

Choose Your Instrumental

Choose Your Instrumental

Now the fun really begins! I share a playlist of available instrumental tracks, and you select the one that you feel most connected to. Then, I wrote to that track, go into the studio, and record your song! Please allow 4-6 weeks for this part of the process. Expedited delivery of 2 weeks is available upon request, for an additional $500 investment.


Receive Your Custom Song

Choose Your Instrumental

Receive Your Custom Song

Next, you receive your custom-written song! exciting, right? Up to two revisions are included in each order, so rest assured, if there’s something in the production or mix you don’t totally love, I’ll address it. Please allow up to one week per revision. 

Custom Song Packages

Excited to have your custom song written?

Apply Below:

Once I receive your application, I will contact you within 24 hours with next steps.